Bread Buffet

Bread Buffet is a project undertaken by SOPHIE SOOBRAMANIEN and I, as a method to work with texts, research, fiction, images, alternative knowledges, share, disseminate, and work collaboratively with an audience on them. 

Presentation at Ode Aan de Linge with bread brick installation by Anna Celda, May 2024

Get your bread up here!

Bread Buffet at The Library Talks at the Rietveld/Sandberg Library, June 2024

Get your bread up here!

 ….the scyborg is a theory of assemblage in action, of a structural agency that
produces the third world university. The third world university is multiscalar;
that is, it is transnational in scope, with a multitude of campuses, yet locally
specific to address decolonization in its particularities.- La Paperson, excerpt from A Third University is Possible.

A sketch made when thinking about scalar bags of info sharing.

My position is impossible, a colonialist-by-product of empire, with decolonizing
desires. I am, and maybe you are too, a produced colonialist. I am also a by-product
of colonization. As a colonialist scrap, I desire against the assemblage that made
me. -La Paperson, A Third University is Possible.

We would never talk about anti-Blackness or colonization without talking about
white supremacy. So too with the dominator system of caste apartheid, we must
talk about Brahminism as the animating ideology that justifies the
dehumanization and destruction of caste oppressed peoples. Many of the first
legal systems in South Asia were rooted in religious texts— Brahminical scriptures
set up to divide, control, and punish people based on categories of purity and
pollution. These texts have been used to normalize caste slavery, legislate
permanent caste inequity, condemn intercaste relationships, and ostracize
intercaste children. – Thenmozhi Soundararajan, The Trauma of Caste.